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An introduction to the Big Bard 

One of our professional actors will deliver a 60 minute roller coaster ride of Shakespearean insults and lots of laughs. Your students will learn key themes of either Midsummer Nights dream or Macbeth, through role-play, story telling, games and movement. This option is great for both KS1 & 2 and is a brilliant introduction to Shakespeare. 
Key objectives


  • To explore the text and language of Shakespeare

  • To learn the key themes within the play

  • To build confidence in speaking and listening skills

  • To perform some Shakespeare! 

  • To have lots of FUN! 

Our requirements


We can deliver this workshop as a 60 min or 120 min session. We can offer a half day, 3 quarters of a day or a full day of workshops. Go to our Price List for more info. 



Ideally a school hall so the children can move around freely, or a large classroom with tables and chairs moved to the side.


"A great session and gave the class a good introduction to Shakespeare"

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