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Do you have a message or information you want to get out to schools or the wider community?


We write and produce bespoke shows and workshops with this in mind. It could be something to promote your company or part of an educational outreach programme.


Our past and current bespoke productions and workshops include;


Waste Watchers Performance


A specially written production, highlighting the importance of recycling and being green. Commissioned and toured for Northants Council and Buckinghamshire Council.


Funky Fitness Performance


A bespoke production which covers the important topic of healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Commissioned by Northants Extended Services


One World One Mission Performance


A play about  different traditions and customs around the world. Commissioned by Wicksteed Park, Northants


Waste Awareness Workshops


Workshops to highlight the importance of recycling. Commissioned by Leicestershire County Council


Energy in a Day Workshops


Energy in a Day workshops to highlight the importance of saving energy and not wasting it. Commissioned by E-on Energy.

Power Up Performance

A show written especially for E-ON Energy, which teaches our young audiences the importance of saving energy and the results if we ran out. 


For examples of our work please go to  Videos 


To find out more about any of our bespoke services and to get a quote, please CONTACT US


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