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Widow Twanky is fed up with her lazy, son Aladdin and has hopes of a better life for them. However Aladdin has his head in the clouds, stealing carrots and dreaming of becoming a prince and marrying Princess Jasmine. 


He meets the evil magician Albanazara who tricks Aladdin into helping him retrieve a magic lamp from the cave of wonders, which will give Albanazara ultimate power. Aladdin soon gets suspicious of the magician and, with the help of the genie of the lamp, Aladdin escapes with three wishes in tow.

Will Albanazara get back the lamp? Will Aladdin use his wishes for fame and fortune? Will Widow Twanky ever stop washing pants and socks? Join Aladdin and friends to find out!


This adaptation of the popular pantomime is full of laughter, audience interaction, music and comedy and is guaranteed to give everyone a truly magical Christmas.

Amount of students      -          Up to 300 (depending on your space) 

Length of show             -          60 minutes


Suitable for                   -          KS1 and KS2 

Cost                              -          From £525.00


Our requirements


We need a hall or large space so we can transform it into a theatre for your children to watch and enjoy! 


Book now for December 2023

Our productions are not just for schools and can be adapted for any venue. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  

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