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Dick Whittington


Join Dick Whittington on his journey to London where he is intent on making his fortune. Along the way he meets his trusty feline friend, who takes Dick under his wing and becomes his guide and companion in the Big Smoke.


Dick meets a fairy, gets a job and meets the girl of his dreams all in one day. However within that day the evil Rat King makes sure Dick loses everything.


Will Dick make his fortune? Will he win back his one true love? Will he send the Rat King packing?


Dick Whittington is a fast paced, highly comical, pantomime which will have you in stitches from start to finish!


Benefits to Children's Learning & Development

This production is suitable for both key stages 1 and 2. The show is a great tool for encouraging students to read famous stories, providing them with the ideas and creativity to devise stories of their own. The production also offers a fantastic insight into the world of the traditional pantomime.


Prices and info


Prices start from £580.00; depending on number of students and whereabouts in the country you are. For a full quote please CONTACT US


The cast size is 3 and the running time is 60 minutes. We need 45 minute to set up and 30 minutes to strick the set. 

To book please call on 01536 799 517 or click below to fill in our enquiry form

"It was a thoroughly enjoyable experiences and the children are still singing the songs now!"

Snarlstone Primary School, Leicestershire

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