The World Wide Web is under attack by the Cyber Trolls! They are causing devastation to all internet users; by sending abusive messages, posing as new friends and posting false and upsetting information. 


It is your mission to help our super heroes 'The Net Kids' to defeat the cyber trolls, stop cyber-bullying and to restore internet safety across the world wide web! 

This live performance is full of fun, facts and interaction, it's a great way of starting a topic on internet safety and cyber-bullying. Just perfect for anti-bullying week! 


Amount of students      -          Up to 300 (depending on your space) 

Length of show             -          60 minutes


Suitable for                   -          KS1 and KS2 

Cost                              -          From £525.00


Our requirements


We need a hall or large space so we can transform it into a theatre for your children to watch and enjoy! 

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Touring from 7th November 2022