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Ebeneezer Scrooge regards the season of goodwill as ‘humbug’… until he is paid a surprise visit on Christmas Eve by three ghosts who show him the error of his ways.


With comedy, singing and a rather cool rapping ghost; we have panto fun for everyone is this hilarious, interactive adaptation of this classic Christmas Tale. It is suitable for all primary ages and is guaranteed to get everyone into the SPIRIT of Christmas! Oh yes it will!" 

Amount of students      -          Up to 300 (depending on your space) 

Length of show             -          60 minutes


Suitable for                   -          KS1 and KS2 

Cost                              -          From £525.00


Our requirements


We need a hall or large space so we can transform it into a theatre for your children to watch and enjoy! 


Touring this December!

"Very good! Easy to follow, whether or not you are familiar with the Dickens story."

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