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Ahoy me hearties! Join us on a swashbuckling adventure that guarantees to have audiences of all ages in stitches.


Young Jimmy Hawkins found an old map in his parent's attic and with excitement in his heart and fire in his belly, he decides to follow it! Join Jimmy and a whole host of larger-than -life pirates on their quest to find the buried treasure. Help them to solve clues, dodge baddies and devise a traditional pirate sea shanty!


This action-packed adaptation of Treasure Island is the perfect end of term treat you won't forget. Full of adventure, laughter and audience participation that will leave the crowd shouting “Shiver me timbers!” all summer! 

Amount of students      -          Up to 300 (depending on your space) 

Length of show             -          60 minutes


Suitable for                   -          KS1 and KS2 

Cost                              -          From £525.00


Our requirements


We need a hall or large space so we can transform it into a theatre for everyone to watch and enjoy! 




Treasure Island show

This show can be performed indoors and outdoors!

Our productions are not just for schools and can be adapted for any venue. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  

Book now for Summer 2023!

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