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Switch It Off! 


"Switch it off" is a blast of energy led by our Big Bubble Energy-saving expert! Get ready for a wild ride of interactive drama activities where you'll dive into renewable energy, pick up energy-saving tricks, and meet historical heroes who lit up the world!

Key objectives


  • High-energy drama sessions: Dive into the action with interactive drama activities that'll have you laughing and learning at the same time!
  • Renewable energy exploration: Discover the power of sun, wind, and water as we journey through the world of renewable energy.
  • Practical energy-saving tips: Pick up handy tricks to save energy and shrink your carbon footprint without breaking a sweat.
  • Historical heroes: Meet the pioneers who paved the way for modern energy practice, with our interactive timeline.
  • Bring to life, using plenty of silly props and wigs, 
  • To have lots of FUN!


What we can offer

We can deliver this workshop as a 60 min or 120 min session. We can offer a half day, 3 quarters of a day or a full day of workshops. Go to our Price List for more info. 

This workshops can also be offered as a full day workshop with 1 class where your students will work on an especially written 'mini play' about saving energy and being green. They will then get to share their work with the rest of the school at the end of the day. The mini play option is for KS2 only. Cost from £450.00


Ideally a school hall so the children can move around freely, or a large classroom with tables and chairs moved to the side.

"Built confidence, created teamwork & helped them to understand issues we face in a fun way. The students loved the song & leanring about different sources of energy through drama".
St Peters CE Junior School, Derby
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