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Shakespeare in a Day

One of our professional actors will work with a class of up to 30 students on an adapted mini play of either, A Midsummer Nights Dream or Macbeth. Every student will get a part and they will get the opportunity to perform the finished piece to the rest of the school at the end of the day. 
Key objectives


  • To explore the text and language of Shakespeare

  • To learn the key themes within the play

  • To build confidence in speaking and listening skills

  • To perform some Shakespeare! 

  • To have lots of FUN! 

Our requirements


Number of students            -        30 per class

Length of workshop            -         Full day


Suitable for                          -          KS2

Cost for full day                  -           From £400.00 



Ideally a school hall so the children can move around freely, or a large classroom with tables and chairs moved to the side. However the hall will be needed at the end of the day to perform the show. 

Beautiful young fantasy woman in image river fairy dances on water pink lily flower. long

"The children enjoyed performing the play. Thank you for a great experience it really was great value for money"

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