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Anti-Bullying with Robin Hood

Join Robin Hood on his anti-bullying mission, be a part of his merry crew and discover the importance of kindness and speaking out. 
Using role play, story telling and games our actor will look into the key themes in the story of Robin Hood to help deliver the anti-bullying message.           

 Key objectives


  • To encourage kindness & empathy 

  • To explore the impact of bullying

  • To discuss what makes us all different

  • To have lots of FUN! 

Our requirements

We offer a half day or a full day of workshops. Over the course of a full day we can see up to 4 classes. 


Number of students            -          35 per class

Length of workshop            -          60 min per class


Suitable for                         -          KS1

Cost  half day                     -           From £200.00

Cost full day                       -           From £375.00


Perfect for Anti-Bullying week
from Mon 13th Nov 2023

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