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Choose Respect 


Step into the riveting narrative of our workshop, where students are immersed in the high-stakes environment of a fictional reality TV game show, "Choose Respect". Led by an actor in role as our charismatic host, participants engage in a Big Brother-style social experiment. Here, they will explore crucial themes through dynamic role play, compelling storytelling, and expressive movement. Students will decide between "Choose Bullying" or "Choose Respect," reflecting on their journey during the workshop.

Throughout the workshop, students will dive into scenarios designed to:


  • Handling Disagreements: Learn conflict resolution without resorting to bullying.

  • Showing Respect: Explore ways to respect others and their opinions.

  • Banter vs. Bullying: Recognize when banter turns into harmful bullying.

  • Power of Words: Understand how words impact mental health.

  • Kindness and Compliments: Discover the impact of kindness and sincere compliments.

  • Help: Discover what to do if experiencing bullying or have witnessed bullying. 

Our requirements

We can deliver this workshop as a 60 min or 120 min session. We can offer a half day, 3 quarters of a day or a full day of workshops. Go to our Price List for more info. 

Quirky female TV host holding a microhon

Perfect for Anti-Bullying week

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