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Our new Play in a Day explores cyberbullying, internet safety and online stranger danger through drama activities, games and songs. 

One of our highly experienced workshop leaders will spend an entire school day working with a group of up to 30 students.
The objective would be for the children to deliver a comical play, especially written on the subject matter, to be performed at the end of the school day.
As well as working on the play, the workshop leader will also deliver a variety of activities, drama games and songs all linked to the topic. This will give students an opportunity to look at the subject in more depth but in an animated way.


Synopsis of mini play


The World Wide Web is under attack by the Cyber Trolls! They are causing devastation to all internet users; by sending abusive messages, posing as new friends and posting false and upsetting information. 


Don't despair! Help is at hand from our Cyber Space heroes, The Net Kids!


It is their mission to defeat the cyber trolls, to stop cyber-bullying and to restore internet safety across the world wide web!


The Reality of Cyberbullying


An astounding 90% of young victims do not inform adults of online bullying issues. It can lead to depression, low self-esteem, self-harm, social isolation and in the worst cases suicide.