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Author Visit and Drama Experience Day

Big Bubble team up with Waterstones Children’s Book Prize shortlisted author Emily-Jane Clark (THE BEASTS OF KNOBBLY BOTTOM: ATTACK OF THE VAMPIRE SHEEP and RISE OF THE ZOMBIE PIGS) to bring you an immersive literacy and drama experience that will ignite a passion for reading and writing in your students!
Whats Included

 1:   One x 45 Min - Author Talk and Presentation with Nan Helsing:

  • Emily-Jane Clark will kick off the day with an engaging talk and presentation, featuring Nan Helsing, one of the beloved characters from "The Beasts of Knobbly Bottom."

  • She'll share her writing journey and the inspiration behind her popular books, as well as provide pupils with tips for writing their own funny stories!

  • The presentation will conclude with a Q&A session, giving students the opportunity to interact directly with the author and hilarious ‘beast hunter’ Nan Helsing.


2.   Storytelling Workshops:

  • Three x 45-minute storytelling workshops with 3 different classes, led by Nan Helsing, where students will explore storytelling through drama, movement, and interactive activities.


3.   Book Signing:


  • Conclude the day with a personalized book signing session with Emily-Jane. Purchasing of books can be arranged with a local book shop. 

4.   Free follow up downloadable resources and a reading comprehension quiz.

5.    A signed set of Emily-Janes books for your school and some book marks. 




The cost for this full day event is just £750.00 (Plus a little extra for travel, depending where you are) ​We offer discounts to schools in our local area of Northants and Leicestershire. ​



The school hall for the presentation and if possible for the workshops too. If needs be we can deliver the workshops in the classrooms. 

Jim Ager, headteacher, Weldon Primary School , Northants"

It was a pleasure to have Emily-Jane and Nan Helsing in yesterday! The kids have been reading her book all through their breaktimes, especially the boys, which is lovely to see."

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