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The Super Women of STEM

Please welcome...Ada Lovelace!

Meet amazing computer scientist, Ada Lovelace. Discover about her marvelous mind and how she became the very first computer programmer. Ada will take you on a journey through time and will introduce you to a number of other famous inventors. 
Key objectives


  • To explore the life and times of Ada Lovelace

  • To learn what it was like to be a woman of STEM at that time

  • To discover other famous inventors and inventions

  • To become an inventor and present back to the class

  • To encourage participation through drama, role play and movement

  • To have lots of FUN! 

Our requirements

We can deliver this workshop as a 2 or 1 hour sessions. We offer a half day or a full day of workshops. Over the course of a full day we can see up to 4 classes ( hour long sessions) or 2 classes (more intense two hour long sessions)


Number of students            -          35 per class

Length of workshop            -          60 or 120 mins


Suitable for                         -          KS1 and KS2

Cost half day                      -           From £250.00

Cost full day                       -           From £400.00



Ideally a school hall so the children can move around freely, or a large classroom with tables and chairs moved to the side.

Ada Lovelace drama workshop

"Fantastic for Science Week or International Women's Day"

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