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A Dickensian Christmas Workshop

Join one of Charles Dickens characters from, A Christmas Carol, as they take your students back in time to Victorian London at Christmas time! Using role play, games and storytelling our actor will stay in character whilst delivering an interactive and festive drama workshop. 
Key objectives


  • To learn about Charles Dickens and his famous stories

  • To Explore the key themes in A Christmas Carol

  • To take part in a quick, silly retelling of A Christmas Carol

  • To encourage team work and creativity

  • To recreate their own scenes from A Christmas Carol

  • To have lots of FUN!


Our requirements

We can deliver this workshop as a 60 min or 120 min session. We can offer a half day, 3 quarters of a day or a full day of workshops. Go to our Price List for more info. 



Ideally a school hall so the children can move around freely, or a large classroom with tables and chairs moved to the side.


Perfect for Christmas 2024!

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