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Bullied by her evil step mother and sister, poor Cinderella feels she will always live a life of misery. However things are about to change and all of her hopes and dreams are about to come true. 


Will Cinders get her dream job and live happily, ever after? Or will her wicked stepmother, ruin everything? With help from her pal Buttons and a little bit of magic, life for our heroine might just turn out ok.


This hilarious, traditional Pantomime is the perfect treat for the festive season. With pantomime dames, singing, booing, hissing and cheering. Our version of Cinderella is guaranteed to kick start you’re Christmas!


Amount of students      -          Up to 300 (depending on your space) 

Length of show             -          60 minutes


Suitable for                   -          KS1 and KS2 

Cost                              -          From £525.00


Our requirements


We need a hall or large space so we can transform it into a theatre for your children to watch and enjoy! 


Touring this December!

“Once again you brought the theatre to life for our children. Well done. Another superb performance”

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